Connecting to Windows VPS server using RDP – Windows

Want to connect to VPS Windows server using RDP and are not sure how to do so correctly? Follow the steps of this tutorial exactly as they are provided and you should have no problem.

What Is RDP?

First, if by any chance any of you are not aware, let’s find out what exactly RDP is. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) – is a protocol created by Microsoft corporation, which provides a graphical interface for a user. RDP client is available in most operating systems. By default RDP uses 3389 TCP port. Remote Desktop Connection is the official program meant to be used for login via RDP.


To be able to follow these instructions you must have a VPS Windows server with Windows 2012 or 2016 R2 OS.

Login Via Windows Computer

The following steps are meant for Windows operating system users.

1. Open up your “Remote Desktop Connection” program and select “Show Options”.

2. Enter your login credentials and press “Connect”:

Computer: Your_server_IP
Username: Administrator

3. Then, enter your server’s password and press the “OK” button

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