What is CloudLinux?

It’s good to know what we are using to keep the stability of our servers. As we all know , doing a shared hosting company was not an easy task before some years. Still it’s not easy!However, sudden resource usage spikes, traffic increases, attacks of hackers are very common issues of a system administrator and it’s everyday. This has to be accepted for years as cost of the customer’s trust, money, time and most of things values for the business.

Cloudlinux is a must have for today’s web host who cares about the stability, security and churns. This amazing things was introduced in 2010. As we know, this is used by many company around the world and we are one of them.

Let’s see what are the benefits you get with the CPanel and CloudLinux. First thing is improved stability by limiting the resources of any single user. Maybe you can think this is unfair. Actually it’s not. Because of one person the whole network can be down for sometime until find out what the issue is. As we all know, shared hosting is not a single user allocated place. It can have many users in a one host. So, cloudlinux will manage the stability for sure.

Next, It helps to increase the server security. There is a tech called CageFS. Cloudlinux will help to prevent users from seeing each other like you are living in a apartment. In addition, it will also prevent large number of attacks such as information disclosure attacks.

In addition, cloudlinux increases the server efficiency. It will monitor all containing resource spikes and it will eliminate the need to leave server resource idle.

Finally I will keep all short. However, cloudlinux will help to manage multiple PHP versions, Hardned Kernel, and more. That’s some of information about cloud linux for user who are using KDJ Hosting service or willing to use KDJ Hosting Servers.

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